Aside from Gary’s groundhog kiln, there are 3 kilns on the property. We can provide photos, dimensions and descriptions, but you will want to inspect the kilns for yourself to assess condition specifics. Prices closer to the sale date.

1. Skutt Electric Kiln Model KS-818 with a LT3-K Kiln Sitter. Gary took this in trade from a fellow potter and kept it in his shed. He never used it, and the working condition is unknown to us.

2. L&L Electric Kiln JD230. This is the kiln Gary used. It was tested this past spring and found to be in working order.

3. The third kiln is just the body of a kiln, no electric or gas works. We believe that Gary was planning, once-upon-a-time, to retrofit this into a gas kiln. It has been sitting in the elements under a tarp for several years and may have no value for pottery. Assess it for yourself and make an offer.