A Great Site for Artists, Craftsman and Lovers of Their Work!

It’s not often I endorse anything on this blog. I mainly intend to educate and inform about Old Edgefield alkaline glazed stoneware pottery; however,I wanted to share a great site for artists and art patrons, alike. Larry Hitchcock and Sharon Sinclair have put an enormous amount of time, energy and finances into America Creates. This is more than a site to sell art. It is an art community, with comprehensive links to artists of all disciplines, art associations and groups, co-ops, museums and so much more. Here, you can interact with the artist! See some of today’s best artists and craftsman in America at work by viewing videos and slide shows.

  • America Creates is an Internet business that connects American artisans with a local, regional, national and worldwide markets.
  • America Creates is a showplace for creative goods and services produced by independent American artists and artisans.
  • America Creates raises awareness of the people, places and events that support creativity in their own communities.
  • America Creates fosters the education of future generations with learning experiences in the classroom and apprentice programs with local artists and artisans.
  • America Creates revitalizes the concept of community, inviting all to participate

Get plugged into the arts! Take time to stop by their site and view some really great work and see what I believe is the NEW path for American arts and crafts producers and their patrons!