Potter’s Studio Estate Sale

There will be a Potter’s Studio Sale from the estate of Gary Dexter held at 141 Senn St. in Vaucluse, SC 29801 on November 8-9, Friday and Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. thru 1:00 both days. Parking across the street at Vaucluse United Methodist Church. See flyer for contact info.

Inventory lists and photos of the items will be posted/updated on this site between now and November 7th. Rough prices will also be posted as we are able.  We are looking to sell these items, so please don’t feel shy about making offers at the sale.

Click on any category below to open inventory lists and/or image galleries. (see bottom of page for tag sale info).


Raw Materials/Minerals

Kiln Insulation/Refractory Batting

Kiln Furniture & Accessories

Pottery Tools



Potter’s Wheel

There will also be a small tag sale on the premises with an assortment of arts, antique bricks, books, tools, craft & hobby supplies, local ephemera & curiosities. Click on any category below for a sampling of images.

Tag Sale: Antique & Collectible Bricks

Tag Sale: Books

Tag Sale: Tools & Hardware

Tag Sale: Arts & Collectibles

Tag Sale: This & That