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Random ramblings about creating southern-style alkaline or “ash” glazed pottery in a wood-fired groundhog kiln.

Dr. Abner Landrum

Dr. Abner Landrum spent many years in efforts to better the way of life for the citizens of South Carolina. In the process, he saved hundreds of thousands of lives across the entire tier of southern states. Dr. Landrum was … Continue reading →

Col. Thomas J. Davies’ Palmetto Fire Brick Works

Peeler had worked alongside Farrar while he was at the United States Pottery Company in Bennington before coming south. Peeler obviously possessed or gained a working knowledge of refractory and the kaolin clays surrounding both Bath, SC sites in the … Continue reading →

The Mysterious Face Jug

I think I’ve heard potters from at least 20 states claiming the face jug first appeared in their state. I live and make pots in what was called the Old Edgefield District of South Carolina. What is known as fact … Continue reading →

A Great Site for Artists, Craftsman and Lovers of Their Work!

It’s not often I endorse anything on this blog. I mainly intend to educate and inform about Old Edgefield alkaline glazed stoneware pottery; however,I wanted to share a great site for artists and art patrons, alike. Larry Hitchcock and Sharon … Continue reading →

A Time for Everything

I’m amazed as I look at my little counter at the bottom of this blog and see around 9,000 visits. I often wonder how the reader leaves this page…. Did you learn anything? Was it a useful tool in the … Continue reading →

October Kiln Firing

The groundhog kiln was fired over October 18-20. As firings go, it was a bit shorter, but always just as grueling. In order to have a successful firing, dry wood is of paramount importance. Even slightly damp wood will … Continue reading →

Hot Time in the Old Town!

The August firing of the groundhog kiln went really well, in spite of the brutal upper 90 degree weather. Oh well, it was typical southern USA August weather. It took us around 38 hours from start to finish. I had … Continue reading →

Good June firing

We fired up the kiln on a hot day. It was 102 degrees F both days the kiln was fired. It took us about 40 hrs. to bring it up to around a cone#11. Thank god Brian showed up at … Continue reading →

An Amazing Tradition

I would like to invite you to view my work in the 20th Anniversary Show at the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC. I juried into this show which was wonderfully curated. It runs from April 25-Sept.7, 2008. As … Continue reading →

Oldest Pottery in North America

I love the old alkaline glazed pottery of the southern USA. This area has contributed greatly to the ceramic tradition of this country. Little did I realize just how much! While doing research for an upcoming project for the area … Continue reading →

Pottery News…

I’ve spent some time making a few modifications to the groundhog kiln and am ready to try it out. A bag wall or baffle was placed in the rear of the kiln, creating a small chamber. The idea is to … Continue reading →

A Special Visit

I had a pleasant visit and discussion with a world renown ceramicist the other day. Her name is Tacy Apostolik. She is an exception in the Japanese ceramic tradition having served a two-year apprenticeship with Shigaraki Master Kiyotsuga Sawa in … Continue reading →

Super Hot Kiln Firing

The groundhog kiln was fired on the weekend of August 10, 11 and 12th and was it ever HOT! What is usually a very hot job no matter what time of year was almost unbearable due to the ongoing heatwave … Continue reading →

Is it Old Edgefield or Just Modern Pottery?

Lately, it seems, I am having this discussion over and over with more and more people. It involves what exactly constitutes “Old Edgefield Pottery” or “Old Edgefield-style pottery“. To start with, this refers to wood-fired, alkaline or ash glazed type … Continue reading →

June Firing

I’m posting some pics of a few of the pots from the most recent firing in June. The glazes turned out really nice! Very typical Old Edgefield or oriental-type glazes with lots of drips and runs from ash. The color … Continue reading →

Clay Prospecting

Recently, one of the last potteries from the Old Edgefield District has found itself in the way of progress. Baynham’s pottery was relocated in the late 1800′s to this location from Trenton, SC. They managed to keep production of utilitarian … Continue reading →

The Weather Warms

I apologize for the length of time since my last post. I managed to get a firing in between some of the spring fronts that race through this time of year. I once lost the better part of 2 month’s … Continue reading →

A Bit of Pottery History

While the winter weather hasn’t been very good for firing the groundhog kiln, I thought I’d add a brief post about the history of Edgefield pottery. I hope these weather systems with all of the rain and low pressure will … Continue reading →

Holiday Wishes

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!    I made this photo during a past ice storm and would like to share its beauty with you. Old Canal Pottery would like to thank all of you who have supported the pottery through purchases, donations of … Continue reading →

Bits n’ Pieces

It has been a while since I posted. I have been busy making the next kiln full of pots. It has also been very busy digging and processing clay. We are trying to switch over to all native clays. … Continue reading →

A Hard Firing….

Another firing was accomplished over a two day period in the groundhog kiln. As firings go, it was a little more difficult and protracted than usual. Cooler weather was called for by the weather guy, but I swear I didn’t … Continue reading →

Summer Fades…

I thought I’d share some thoughts and photos while I talk of pottery. I guess it’s all related. I took this photo in July on a typical sweltering 99 degree day. It is titled Boy and Dog. I love it … Continue reading →

Another Week…

I’ve spent the past week turning pots and other assorted chores with hopes of firing another load of pots in a week or two. Pretty ambitious! The museum at the Augusta Canal Authority will be getting many of the pots … Continue reading →

Groundhog kiln fires first load of pottery!

After one and a half years of construction and trials, the groundhog kiln at Enterprise Mill in Augusta, GA has produced its first successful firing! Old Canal Pottery has seemed more of a dream than any business that would … Continue reading →