About Me

Gary Dexter from the kiln
Gary Dexter looking out the loading door in the fire pit of his groundhog kiln.

I am a self-taught potter. My area of interest is in the Old Edgefield style of pottery, which was an ash-glazed stoneware produced throughout the 19th century in the Old Edgefield District of South Carolina.

I have a deep respect for the Edgefield process and love the resulting treasures each firing brings. I am committed to keeping this tradition alive. As such, I only fire with wood and am faithful to re-creating the form of these simple, utilitarian vessels.

The Edgefield process is extremely labor-intensive — from building the groundhog kiln, to digging local clays, to wood-firing the finished pieces. It is also a labor of love, which I hope you will see and feel in my work. I am proud to continue this uniquely southern tradition, which was lost to the area of its origin for some 100 years.