June Firing

I’m posting some pics of a few of the pots from the most recent firing in June. The glazes turned out really nice! Very typical Old Edgefield or oriental-type glazes with lots of drips and runs from ash. The color of the glaze is a little darker than in the past. This is because I added a few cups of red, red earthenware from Martintown Rd. in North Augusta to my glaze batch. I wanted more runs and I got them! These are just a sample but typical of what we unloaded.

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The kiln was fired on June 16-17. Though there was no rain forecast, it rained on and off throughout one night. We managed to stall the kiln at 15 hours, but eventually recovered and continued our climb up in temp. New apprentice Brian received his baptism by fire and sweat! I owe you! Sarah helped finish the firing when my legs and back started spasms at around 34 hours. She took the 9,10,11 cones down. Thanks, Sarah! Total firing time was 36 hours. Whew! I should say 36 HOT, HUMID hours. I’ll post pics in a few days after the kiln cools and is unloaded.

5 thoughts on “June Firing

  1. Little Wing

    Well, dang Madpotter! Since you took some of the photos (that you had previously posted) away from that other posting (along with the your commentary, along side those photos), and placed them here, my comment looks stupid and outta place on the other post. Oh, well, this ain’t about that… anyways, great bunch of stuff this time! Now, to see what happens inside the brand new baby kiln this weekend, during it’s christening. Good Luck!Little Wing

  2. slaghammer

    Beautiful stuff. Those face pots are whacky cool. The firing sounded like a trying ordeal and judging by the sweat pooling on Brian’s back, I suspect there was a nasty pottery hangover to deal with afterwards. Someday I’ll be driving through Augusta and see it all for myself.

  3. madpotter

    Sorry Littlewing, I published on the wrong post. Thanks for all of your help!Slaghammer, I hope you never get the notion of firing with wood. You’ll have a perpetual firing hangover even when you don’t fire. It’s endless, gathering massive quantities of wood to fire the kiln with in the burning summer heat.

  4. madpotter

    Slaghammer, some really cool things happen when you put pots in with those briqettes. I’m not sure what hamburger juice would add to the overall effect, though!


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